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We take our commitment to the environment seriously, this is the world our children will inherit and it is our duty to reduce our impact as much as possible. We have actively wrote into our estates strategy the importance of the environment and address the subject on as many fronts we can. Examples of our initiatives are:

  • Insulate the roofs of the school, therefore reducing the energy needed to heat them
  • Upgrade inefficient boilers.
  • Replace lighting for LED as bulbs go. 
  • 6000 trees were planted, creating a new carbon sink. 
  • Commitment to resourcing locally, reducing transportation emissions.
  • Recycled rather than new purchases where possible.
  • Plans to install Solar power using an in-house team, both cost-effective and reducing our reliance on the national grid. 
  • Compostable plates, cups and cutlery in the kitchens.
  • Sourcing quality pre-loved furniture.
  • Waste recycling.

We are open to any new ideas and initiatives and will look forward to working with you to make this a better world.