Children learn.  Whether they are playing, socialising with friends and family, watching TV or taking part in an organised activity, children go on learning.  The role of our Academy Trust is to deliberately design opportunities for learning to take place.

Whether children join us for the complete journey from 2-19 or join us at one of our many different entry points, you can be sure that they will thrive during their time with us. Parents from Stafford, Cannock, Brewood, Coven, Wheaton Aston, Bishop’s Wood, Penkridge and even further afield are deciding that we are the right choice for their children.

We are on a very exciting journey and would love you to join us in developing our 2-19 Academy Trust – a place where we want our children and young people to be excited about their learning, achieve very high outcomes enabling them to choose to either go to university or a successful career.

We have published our Penk Valley Academy Trust Strategy. You can read it here.