Your child’s education belongs at one of the best schools in England

If you’re reading this, chances are you have looked us up in the performance tables – the results speak for themselves. So, what else do you need to know about Wolgarston High School in Penkridge?

  1. We are a ‘Visible Learning’ school. This technique for teaching and learning is incredibly effective and is rooted in being as clear as possible in defining what successful learning looks like – just look at our attainment and our progression statistics to see its impact for yourself.
  2. It’s not just what our students do at Wolgarston in the classroom and in examinations that grabs the headlines. Our programme of personal development opportunities ensure that every Wolgarston leaver is prepared to take their place in the world and become an active, engaged citizen.
  3. We are part of The Penk Valley Federation of Schools – all dedicated to excellence in learning. Students benefit from smaller schools with smoother transitions, alongside age-appropriate teaching and facilities. Our three-tier system (with middle schools for years 5-8) is hugely popular with parents, students and staff alike. Don’t worry if your child is in a two-tier school – switching to three-tier is very straightforward.
  4. We are one of the best schools in Staffordshire for pupil progression. In fact, we are one of the very best in England. Our expert subject leaders nurture the skills and knowledge of motivated and engaged learners. Ofsted were impressed with the polite and mature way that Wolgarston students conduct themselves around the school.
  5. It might surprise you that such a good school has capacity for new students – but it’s true. Because we are in a semi-rural location we don’t have a huge population on our doorstep. But that doesn’t mean Wolgarston is difficult to get to. We are only a few minutes drive from most towns and villages in the area and traffic is rarely an issue. We also have our own fleet of mini-buses and the public transport system has excellent links.