Rural Enterprise Academy received visit from Education Secretary

The Rural Enterprise Academy received a visit this morning from the Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson.

Mr Williamson met with Principal Alice Corrigan and Vice-Principal Jon Attwood to discuss the school’s unique curriculum offer and find out more about the challenges and opportunities of being a free school. He was then taken on a tour of the school where he met with students who were able to explain to him what they had been learning this week in science and how being a student at the Rural Enterprise Academy has realised their potential.

Following this Mr Williamson was given a demonstration of the innovative equine therapy programme offered by the school. Students are regularly able to spend time with the horses on-site to help them self-manage their emotions and learn leadership skills, compassion and resilience. One of the students was able to demonstrate clearly how horses can read the emotional state of the people around them, encouraging calm, contemplative behaviour which in turn promotes a better learning environment.

Mr Williamson was very impressed with the vision of the school, the enthusiasm of the students and the excellent facilities.