Penk Valley Federation commits to becoming a Multi Academy Trust

On behalf of the governing body of the Penk Valley Federation of Schools I am delighted to announce our intention to convert all five of our schools to academy status under the auspices of the Penk Valley Academy Trust.

Feedback from the community to our summer stakeholder consultation was overwhelmingly positive. People recognise that our schools are very good schools, that are well led and through Visible Learning, offer a truly exciting and successful approach to teaching and learning.

Principally there are three main reasons why we have made this decision now:

  1. We are choosing to become a multi-academy trust on the terms and to a timescale that suits us; allowing us the independence to make decisions that are right for our children and young people rather than for someone else.
  2. We are building on the strong foundations already established by our federation; with a vision for the Penk Valley Academy Trust to be a shining light of local educational excellence.
  3. We are so confident in our vision and delivery that we are aiming to become a sponsor trust; giving us the ability to spread our Visible Learning good practice into schools that are currently judged to be struggling.

We are still open for discussions with other schools about joining us on our journey, as we have been to date. We are passionate that not only does the Penk Valley way work well, but also that it will become an exemplar model of how to run a multi academy trust. It is this confidence, rooted in robust attainment and progress data and ultimately GCSE and post-16 results, that drives us towards our goal.

On the ground you should feel very little impact; School names, uniforms, buildings and staff will remain familiar. This ‘business as usual’ approach is unfussy, efficient and productive; we will be focussing all efforts in challenging and supporting our schools, pupils and teachers to be the very best that they can be.

We expect to convert to academy status in early 2018.

Mark Roberts
Chair of Governors, Penk Valley Federation of Schools

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