Penk Valley Academy Trust committed to giving all first school and middle school children an opportunity for learning before the summer break

We are extremely conscious that not being in school can create anxiety and concern amongst children and so we have collectively made the decision that all four of our first schools and our middle school will offer an experience in school for every pupil in Nursery to Year 8 before the summer holiday.

To ensure the mental wellbeing of children we feel it is enormously important for them to be able to visit school, speak with friends and staff and experience what it is like to be back in their normal setting. This reassuring experience we hope will help to bridge the gap between now and when schools fully reopen. It will be for many children a chance to witness for themselves how our schools continue to be happy, safe environments where everybody belongs.

In addition to this we will be offering a chance for all new nursery and reception children to acquaint themselves with the school they will be joining and the teaching staff they will have. This may be in-person or through a virtually meeting. Where virtual meetings are not possible we will offer a telephone conversation. For all Year 4 children who will be joining Penkridge Middle School we will be inviting them to join us for two afternoons.

To ensure the safety of all children, parents and staff, we will be making the most of our wonderful school grounds and the warm weather and many of these opportunities will take place outdoors.

Whilst schools fully returning to normal is out of our hands, we are excited to be actively planning to welcome back all children in all year groups from September.