Penk Valley Academy Trust Announcement

Penk Valley Federation is already nearly two years old, and now the next step on our journey is to form our Multi-Academy Trust (MAT). As with any legal process there are several organisations involved and lots of boxes that need ticking and forms that need completing, but the process is well underway, and completion is expected by April. We will be called Penk Valley Academy Trust.

For the most part you won’t notice many particular changes. All schools will go by their current names, their uniforms and badges will remain the same and the same familiar faces will be ‘behind the wheel’  Our guarantee is to continue to offer the best education that we can from nursery through to sixth form.

These are exciting times, full of new challenges and new opportunities, and we are looking forward to continuing our Visible Learning journey together as Penk Valley Academy Trust.


Philip Tapp
Principal, Penk Valley Federation