Penk Valley Academy Trust Admissions Consultation

At Penk Valley Academy Trust we are proposing some changes to our admissions policy that we feel will significantly benefit the local community with effect from applications for September 2021.

For a six-week period from Friday 9 November 2019 to Friday 20 December 2019 we will be consulting on these changes.

In summary the proposed changes:

  • Make clearer some of the processes around application
  • Give greater priority for children at feeder first schools and middle schools when applying for middle and high schools

The PROPOSED Admissions Policy – Penk Valley Academy Trust – 2021-22 document identifies all additions or changes in red text – please only concern yourself with these in relation to this consultation.

UPDATE 18/11/19

We would like to give some clarification upon the proposed policy.

  1. The policy states that nurseries at Princefield, St John’s and St Mary & St Chad’s admit children from ‘the term in which they are 3’ – this should read ‘the term after they turn 3, once Universal Early Education Funding entitlement starts’
  2. The policy states the PAN of Penkridge Middle School as 100 which is insufficient to take students from all four feeder schools if full. As Penkridge Middle School is having a building extension constructed this academic year, the PAN will increase upon a new evaluation of space after the building works are complete. This new PAN will be sufficient to cater for all pupils at the feeder first schools.

You can respond to the consultation:

The consultation will close at 5pm on Friday 20 December 2019.

We thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.