Innovative school leader appointed as Headteacher of Penkridge Middle School

Penkridge Middle School has appointed Mrs Natalie Frost to be its new Headteacher. Mrs Frost, who has been Acting Headteacher for the past 12 months, was today appointed by Governors to lead the school on a permanent basis.

The school is member of The Penk Valley Federation of Schools – a group of schools in South Staffordshire committed to offering educational excellence for pupils aged 2-19. It is Mrs Frost’s absolute commitment to ensure that children are given the very best educational opportunities, not just whilst at Penkridge Middle School, but throughout their learning journey which made her the perfect candidate to take on the role.

Mrs Frost has 19 years of experience in teaching, spending the last 14 years as part of the leadership team at Penkridge Middle School. Previously she has held roles as Head of Year at two large secondary schools in Wolverhampton.

Mrs Frost is known for her strong leadership skills and her ability to drive impactful attainment and progression for all pupils. In the past year as Acting Headteacher she has made significant inroads into raising standards at the already popular middle school which has resulted in a large influx of new pupils wanting to benefit from inspirational and high-achieving education.

In the past year Mrs Frost has overseen the school joining The Penk Valley Federation and its move towards becoming a Visible Learning school. This style of education, developed in New Zealand by Professor John Hattie, is bringing learning alive for all the pupils at Penkridge Middle School and making a noticeable impact on their academic achievement.

She is also known for her innovative and esoteric ideas such as “Ravercise” – a twice weekly disco at 8am designed to get pupils up and out of bed and energised for their learning ahead. She is excited about the future opportunities and developments that she will be bringing to pupils and the wider school community.
Phil Tapp, Principal of The Penk Valley Federation said, ‘I am delighted that Mrs Frost has been appointed Headteacher of Penkridge Middle School. She has been highly effective during the past year as Acting Headteacher and has also played a significant role in the development of The Penk Valley Federation. She has a compelling vision for how she wants to take the school forward and brings the right blend of determination, enthusiasm and expertise to do so.’

Mark Roberts, who is Chair of Governors for The Penk Valley Federation said, ‘The Governors of The Penk Valley Federation are committed to developing a high quality learning journey for all our children and young people from 2-19. We have appointed Mrs Frost to the crucial role of Headteacher of Penkridge Middle School, fully confident that she is the right person to lead the school in playing its significant role at the heart of that journey.’